Crypto Twitter Rejoices After Twitter Releases Bitcoin Emoji
Crypto Twitter Rejoices After Twitter Releases Bitcoin Emoji

Will Other Social Media Channels Follow?


Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey has often been seen as a Bitcoin advocate. He is one of the few in Big Tech that openly discusses Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies often. Dorsey was one of the bigger names that participated in last year's Bitcoin Lightning Torch, which crossed 56 countries in 83 countries.

Many known names in cryptocurrency circles have been requesting a Bitcoin emoji for Twitter for a while. This includes one of Bitcoin's biggest cheerleaders and co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano. Pomp tweeted 6 months ago that "Twitter needs a Bitcoin emoji. Retweet if Jack Dorsey and team should make it happen." His tweet received over 2,800 retweets.

It seems that Pomp's wish has finally come true. Earlier today Twitter released a Bitcoin emoji to the public. It appears whenever a user tweets #Bitcoin or #BTC.

While this should come as no big surprise seeing Dorsey's Bitcoin advocacy, but it has been well received. Many of the largest influencers in cryptocurrencies on Twitter made note of the new addition. This includes Tone Vays and Peter McCormack to name a few. It seems that the addition of the emoji has caused the hashtag #Bitcoin to trend on the platform.

Some have noticed that the release of the Bitcoin emoji coincided with the removal of the financial markets website Zero Hedge. The news website was removed from Twitter for allegedly spreading misinformation on the Wuhan Coronavirus. As many Bitcoin & cryptocurrency fans are libertarian leaning and free-speech advocates, this was not a popular decision.

Some have seemingly forgotten about Zero Hedge, and the main discussion veered towards the new emoji instead of censorship. While Twitter's latest addition should be celebrated, its timing seems a bit suspicious.

One can wonder if Facebook will follow.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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