Could the Crypto Economy Conference End in Disaster? McAfee Denies Participation
Could the Crypto Economy Conference End in Disaster? McAfee Denies Participation

Will Other Headliners Join in & Deny Participation?


Tom Lee has corrected us and announced that he will participate in the Crypto Economy conference in Istanbul. We would like to apologize to both Mr. Lee, the organizers and our readers for suggesting otherwise. Crypto Markets News will strive for higher journalistic standards.

Cryptocurrency conferences are where all the biggest names and industry leaders rub elbows with fans, investors, & programmers. These events typically range between a few hundred participants to a few thousands. Ticket prices also typically range between a few hundred to a thousand dollars as well, typically with a discount to those who pay in cryptocurrencies.

Usually these events are rather successful with important speakers and discussion about the cryptocurrency space. Occasionally, a cryptocurrency conference falls apart before it is scheduled. This has been the case with the Massive Adoption conference that was due to take place in Memphis, Tennessee.  Confirmed speakers cancelled before the event and early ticket buyers were left asking for refunds.


Blockchain Economy Woes?

Recently the founder of McAfee Antivirus & noted cryptocurrency enthusiast John McAfee tweeted about the Blockchain Economy conference in Istanbul. McAfee claimed that he had no intention to attend the conference and will not co-operate with them in any way.


Following McAfee's claims, we have contacted the other key speakers from the conference. This includes Nicholas Cary, & Emin Gun Sirer. Cary confirmed his participation in a tweet claiming "Excited to be in Istanbul soon". We have contacted Emin Gun Sirer via DM who stated "Yes, I just heard and I'm reconsidering my plans.".  He later confirmed that he will not attend the conference.

An official representative of the conference has responded to McAfee's claims and insisted that this was all a misunderstanding. The representative claimed that he had booked McAfee's attendance via emails with McAfee's wife, Janice.

McAfee responded with a screenshot of an email from mid-January. The email claimed that McAfee's image has been added to the website seemingly without proper confirmation and requested that they contact him immediately.

McAfee posted yet another tweet shortly after stating that he would file a suit against the event organizers. He claimed that the suit will be for "misrepresentation".

Regardless to who is right or wrong, the confirmed cancellation of 2 out of the 4 key speakers does not bode well for the conference. It is completely within the realm of responsibility that the event as a whole will eventually be cancelled. This can also possibly affect any future events organized by Blockchain Economy.



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