Changes Coming to Ledger?
Changes Coming to Ledger?

Cold Storage Wallet Company Announces New CEO

Both Ledger and Trezor are well known names in the world of cryptocurrencies. Many crypto enthusiasts and traders use these unique hardware wallets to protect their funds from hacks. These hardware wallets are considered to have the highest levels of security available.

Ledger was originally established in 2014 in Paris and expanded worldwide at an accelerating pace. It currently employs 200+ Individuals with 5 global offices. In a surprise announcement, Ledger revealed that its CEO is stepping down. The company's President, Pascal Gautheir, will now take the role of CEO. The previous CEO, Eric Larcheveque, will remain onboard as Executive Chairman.

 A Bit About the Announcement

Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier said the following: "While countless retail hodlers trust Ledger to secure their crypto, companies who manage huge amounts of crypto, like institutional investors, family offices and exchanges are also starting to trust us. We looked at our current customers' needs as well as what products need to be built for where the industry is going, and this is why we created Ledger Vault, an enterprise solution for institutional investors.

Focussing on the needs of our customers, be they individual consumers or companies of all sizes, is what will ultimately make Ledger successful.

Ledger has seen year-over-year growth since I've been here, and it's been a privilege – and an incredible challenge – to help grow this company into what it has become. And now as CEO, and with Eric as Executive Chairman of our Board, I will focus all of my attention and energy on growing an amazing tech company on both the retail and enterprise side."

Ledger's Future

While replacing a CEO of a company is something that usually indicates turmoil or a change of direction, Ledger appears to maintain its path. While there has been nothing official announced in the future, it is possible that Ledger will release new products.



Written by Jonathan Ganor

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