Chainlink incorporates VIBE for Gaming Applications on the Blockchain
Chainlink incorporates VIBE for Gaming Applications on the Blockchain

Will Chainlink's Killer App be Gaming & Not DeFi?


2019 has been a kind year for Chainlink. The altcoin managed to break into the mainstream of cryptocurrencies and was within the top 15 for a long period of time. Despite falling a few rankings, Chainlink is currently at #18, but can potentially surpass Houbi Token soon.

It seems that necessity is one of the key motivators for Chainlink's growth. The token is one of the very few oracle services for blockchains. While this was primarily touted as a key element in Ethereum's vision of Defi (decentralized finance), Chainlink could have another goal: gaming.


Chainlink's Latest Partnership

In a recent announcement, Chainlink have announced another partnership, this time with blockchain gaming venture Vibehub.

Vibe is a lesser-known cryptocurrency, ranking at #562 on coinmarketcap and an ecosystem for gaming on the blockchain. They are officially expanding their developer toolkit to include Chainlink, which seems to be mutually beneficial.

There seems to be a few key takes from their announcement. The first and probably the most important is transactional support for the following currencies: Ethereum, VIBE, NEO, BNB and Chainlink. Another is user authentication and management for games on the blockchain. The third is integration of Chainlink Oracle Services. This allows web API's and off chain data and traditional bank payments to be recorded on-chain.

This partnership can result in even more complex and arguably better blockchain based games. Let's hope we see them soon.


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