Crypto Entrepreneur Brock Pierce Announces 2020 Presidential Run
Crypto Entrepreneur Brock Pierce Announces 2020 Presidential Run

Will Brock be Able to #BrocktheVote?

Earlier today crypto entrepreneur Brock Pierce took to Twitter to announce his Presidential aspirations. This comes hours after influential American rapper, Kanye West, made a similar announcement.


Peirce & Politics

This makes Pierce the second big name in cryptocurrencies to run for President in 2020. John McAfee had previously launched a campaign but failed to win the Libertarian Party's 2020 primaries. Jo Jorgensen later won the Libertarian Party's nomination.

Pierce on the other hand has chosen to run as an independent candidate, without any affiliation to a political party.   

A website dedicated to Pierce's Presidential Campaign has also been released. In it, Pierce's credentials as an entrepreneur, investor and venture capitalist are touted. It documents his involvement in the creation of EOS &, Tether, Blockchain Capital and Mastercoin.

The website fails to mention Pierce's stance on any social issue, however. While this may be rectified in the near future, if Pierce is serious about running, American society seems more fractured than ever. There are huge challenges facing the public such as Covid-19, protests, and the economic blowback. Knowing where a politician stands in these times is important.

As per the Federal Election Committee's website, Pierce has not yet been listed as a candidate although this could just be due to the suddenness of the announcement and the fact that it is a weekend. 

At least one thing is clear, if Brock Pierce chooses to run, he will likely be the most pro-cryptocurrency candidate on the ballot.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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