Bitcoin Gold Makes Gains Despite 51% Attack
Bitcoin Gold Makes Gains Despite 51% Attack

Who Knew History Would Repeat Itself?

The official Twitter account for Bitcoin Gold (BTG) has revealed that there was an attempt to hack the blockchain. This has been the second attempt this year where a malicious entity attempted to gain control of Bitcoin Gold's blockchain.



Funds Are Safe?

As per the press release, no funds were lost, and no double spend took place. This is because exchanges and liquidity pools have been updated to the latest version of the full node which was released a week and a half ago.

What is surprising is the fact that the attack took place over a series of 10 days and over 1300 blocks.

Regardless, no funds were reported to be lost and users running full nodes are encouraged to update their client software.

Bitcoin Gold Rises Against All Odds


It seems that the markets were unfazed by the recent attack on Bitcoin Gold. BTG has actually gained roughly 3% in the past 24 hours against the Dollar and is currently trading at $9.76. It has gained similar ground against Bitcoin and is valued at 0.00106000 BTC.

As with the previous attack earlier this year, BTG actually gained in price following the attack. This could be due to the fact that the attack was unsuccessful or due to the fact that its name is in the media.

Seeing that this is the second 51% attack in less that a year, the development team should place a specific attention to security.


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