Binance Reveals Latest Development: Binance X
Binance Reveals Latest Development: Binance X

Will It Become the New Github of Blockchain Development?

Binance has been a leading cryptocurrency exchange since its launch in 2017. It managed to take on older more established exchanges with CZ's constant tweets, stellar support and constant innovation. CZ & Binance have changed the crypto landscape for the better with many different products released. This includes SAFU, the insurance fund against hacks, Binance's Launchpad for IEO's and charity foundation.

Just moments ago, on their official blog, Binance have revealed their next product, Binance X.

Exhibiting Binance X

As per the blog post, Binance X will be a special website for developers in the blockchain space. It is designed to support and cultivate open source code development related to blockchain or digital assets. It is based around 3 themes: Learn, Collaborate, & Grow. Aspiring developers can learn from others. Developers can choose to collaborate on a project together and Growth refers to support given to early stage projects.

Essentially, this can be seen as a blockchain focused version of Github in some ways, with some added perks.

This is just another move of many that is establishing Binance as a cryptocurrency behemoth.

BNB Taking A Beating?

Unfortunately for Binance coin fans, this announcement did not help BNB's price. BNB as with most cryptocurrencies, seems to be following Bitcoin's dip.

So far BNB lost 11.56% of its value during the past 24 hours, which is slightly above average in comparison to other altcoins. Most other altcoins have lost anywhere between 5%-10%. While Binance Coin might currently be trading at $22.41, it could head much higher depending on Bitcoin's value.

One thing is certain, this is not the last we've heard of Binance.


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