Binance Coin Holders Can Now Purchase Physical Gold via Cointral
Binance Coin Holders Can Now Purchase Physical Gold via Cointral

Looks Like Binance Coin Just Got A New Use Case


Binance and Binance Coin have had a pretty good 2019. The exchange added support for many different fiat currencies for deposits, Binance's launched a US dedicated site, and Binance DEX was integrated into Trust Wallet. BNB had many developments as well. This includes its mainnet swap, launch of tokens on BNB's blockchain, and it entered the top 10 cryptocurrencies by marketcap. It is currently #9 and trading at $15.32.

Recently a new use case for Binance Coin was revealed. That usage is the purchase of physical gold bars.  

At users will be able to purchase anywhere between 1 gram to 1000 grams of physical gold. The store only accepts Bitcoin & Binance Coin for the time being and it ships internationally. It appears that Cointral also has physical stores in the UAE & Turkey which might be preferable to postal services.  

Seeing the massive list of accomplishments Binance has managed to achieve in 2019, this collaboration might be a side note for 2020. One can only assume what Binance has up its sleeve for 2020 in terms of innovation, development and use-cases for BNB. The one thing certain is Binance is an interesting coin and exchange to watch.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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