Chainlink Selected as A Bancor V2 Launch Pool
Chainlink Selected as A Bancor V2 Launch Pool

Will Chainlink & Bancor Collaborate Further?

Roughly one month after Chainlink (LINK) and Bancor (BNT) have launched their first collaboration in the form of a BNT/USD price feed another collaboration was announced. This time the two prominent DeFi protocols have announced a different type of partnership.


Launch Pools & Bancor V2

Earlier today, Bancor announced that Chainlink was selected to have a launch pool on Bancor V2, when released. The launch pools on Bancor V2 that have been announced include Enjincoin, Ren, and Kyber.



Essentially this will allow LINK holders the opportunity to provide liquidity to the Bancor Network with 100% exposure to a single token. This is in addition to reduced slippage and mitigation of impermanent loss that is common on other DEX's. This will allow Bancor to provide more transparent and better prices.

Bancor V2 allows the creation of automatic market makers (AMMs) that are combined with lending protocols. In layman's terms, liquidity providers will be able to generate lending interest in addition to trading fees. So, with Bancor V2 LINK holders can generate passive income.

Bancor V2?

The launch of Bancor V2 is due to release sometime towards the end of July, with some speculating it might be delayed to the first week of August. Should the launch go smoothly it could mean very big things for Bancor, LINK holders and the DeFi ecosystem within Ethereum. Perhaps additional pools will be announced in the near future.


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